Some people really don’t care about their personal finances and that’s fine because I’m pretty sure they will do soon. For the ones that do, we’re always on the look out for ways in which to improve our situation and save some money as we go. With talk of the economy still overwhelmingly negative, perhaps we all should be looking for more ways we can save. Follow our quick fire list of financial tips and tricks and you’ll be well on your way to an easier life.

1) Make sure having a contract mobile phone is actually worth it for you. If you use the thing once a week to send a quick text, chances are a contract phone isn’t for you. If you send 100 texts a day and make 50 calls, make sure you have the right contract.

2) Pay all your bills on time. Missing a payment can cost you, the charges applied to accounts that miss payments are unfair, but you needn’t be subject to them. If you need to setup reminders then do it, if you haven’t set up a direct debit, this is probably the best way to avoid these charges, so do it.

3) Designer or rip off? Most of the time, designer clothes are an absolute rip off. They are manufactured in the same place as the cheaper brands and the quality is no difference. Okay, the design might be a little different and more appealing but if you can ever help it, opt for the cheaper one.

4) Be on the look out for free shopping vouchers. There are vouchers and offers all over the place at the moment and you can get your hands on them as easy as the next guy. Look in the local papers and on the voucher sites to download the offers you want. Maybe your off to the cinema or for a bite to eat, there will more than likely be a voucher for it, so go and look for it.

5) Get paid to shop. This is for the hard core savers, you need to be “on the money” to pull this off as one late payment will render the whole operation useless. Simply get a credit card which offers cash back on purchases and use it to spend on. It’s as simple as that, you will accumulate money for going about your everyday life.